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Since 2001, Itavis has helped a wide range of private and public organizations operate, develop and control their IT solutions.

Look at what some of our customers like about our IT solutions, and how we have created value for the organization and their employees.

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“We feel confident and everything is stable. If something needs to be done, we have a great sparring partner in Itavis.”


– Flemming Knoth-Nielsen, managing officer at DBU

Overview and security combined with a trustworthy partnership

DBU has previously wasted a lot of valuable time on monitoring and patching, which can seem unmanageable and time-consuming. However, with Itavis Control Cloud™ they have been given a tool that makes these tasks more manageable and effective, and thus assures the technical team that the operation is running as it should while not demanding any administration. Monitoring and patching are now being effectuated in automated workflows that is structured through the Itavis Control Cloud™, which ensures overview and security.

A simple and complete overview of a healthy IT infrastructure

The IT responsible employees at DBU can now comfortably and constantly look into the status and health of the IT infrastructure through the Itavis Control Cloud™. At the same time they can consult Itavis regarding various notifications and information that the monitoring system provides them with and gain optimal understanding of their IT infrastructure. But most importantly, they can now make sure that everything is running as it should.

Short distance from thought to action

Through a collaboration with Itavis, DBU has been able to run an efficient IT infrastructure with a small IT department. They are in regular contact with a permanent consultant with technical insight and a service delivery manager with business understanding who acts as the customer’s man in Itavis. This combination primarily ensures that monitoring and patching of DBU’s servers run smoothly, but at the same time allows DBU to spar for further development of the technical part of the company. There is thus a short distance from thought to action.

Samlet overblik over IT-infrastruktur

Trust means better results

DBU feels that through our relationship we have built a trust that is based on the fact that they feel confident that problems and wishes will be heard, taken care of and resolved immediately. This confidence is a result of Itavis not only providing high performance IT services, but also relating to the human relationship in the collaboration that gives this confidence, which allows for better cooperation with a better final result.

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“The planning feels like surgical precision and the execution is perfectly flexible.”


– Mikkel Bang Sommer, Head of IT at Mobylife

Professional partnership in a safe environment

At Mobylife, minimization of downtime is crucial, which we ensure with a performance charachterized by stability, attention and resilience. Mobylife, which has locations throughout Scandinavia, needed a consolidation of the network in and between their locations and a proactive operation of the network. Therefore, Itavis uses Itavis Control Cloud™ to monitor Mobylife’s network connections. Itavis Control Cloud™ alarms Itavis in the event of a crash, after which Itavis moves out and corrects the error.

Security in a professional setting

We give Mobylife the assurance that we provide highly professional IT consultants who monitor and control their networks to minimize downtime and maintain stability. The monitoring ensures that problems are identified before they become critical. At the same time, fast support is provided every hour of the day, and we are always ready to throw away what we have in our hands to help.

Itavis hos Mobylife

Thoroughly and precise implementation

One of the main points of our relationship with Mobylife is our focus on fast and smooth execution. It succeeds through thorough planning through our consultants, who act as architects behind orchestrating the network environment. This has resulted in operations where we have been able to deliver carefully planned plans for what is to happen right down to the minute. In this way, the safety of Mobylife is ensured and the risk is minimized.

Trust being the key factor

At Itavis, we see that trust is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Therefore, we make every effort to make Mobylife feel safe by handing over the management of their network environment to us. Our collaboration is characterized by professionalism, but we also have a family-friendly relationship. That’s what we do; working with the customer on a comfortable personal level, so that we can achieve our common goals in the best possible way. This ensures stable and efficient IT solutions that create real value for the customer.

Før Itavis’ arbejde
Efter Itavis’ arbejde
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“Our partnership is characterized by great chemistry and high performance.


– Jesper Graff, Head of IT at Taxa 4×35

Hosting with both minimized risk and downtime

Taxa 4×35 attaches great importance to running their business without IT disruption. We make a virtue of fulfilling this matter to show that we understand and respect the customer’s needs. That’s why we provide a flexible hosting solution on their premises, guaranteeing minimal downime, where we take care of securing the infrastructure with redundancy and readiness, so that the customer never experiences disruption in their IT. At the same time, we are constantly sparring with their IT department through quarterly meetings and monthly status reports, which ensures the overview and reassurance of the IT manager.

More focus on core business activities

Taxi 4×35 wants to focus fully on their core business, which is why they have chosen to Itavis as their IT partner. In this way, they have handed over the risk management and responsibility of their IT to Itavis, and thus obtained an IT solution with minimal risk and high security. This is highly time-saving for the customer, which means they are free to focus on their core business.

We help optimize the IT cost structure

We provide a hosting solution based upon the customer’s premises, and Taxa 4×35 are regularly sparring with our technical teams with business understanding, where there is opportunity for development and both de- and up-scaling in the solution. In addition, we have repeatedly cut costs and removed unnecessary parts of the solution, which has resulted in a more profitable solution. We are committed to providing the best possible solution at the expense of possible earnings.

Tillid i samarbejdet

The chemistry is top shelf

Our relationship with Taxa 4×35 is characterized by good chemistry with respect for each other’s business. High professionalism and ongoing sparring have resulted in a good and stable uptime, where Taxa 4×35 has built confidence in us. This has formed a foundation for them to feel safe in giving Itavis responsibility for their IT infrastructure. At Itavis, we see this as the key to a successful partnership of this nature.

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