IT Hosting

Get your server environment hosted in a private or public cloud in Itavis’ Tier 3 data center located in Denmark. We provide a secure, fast and accessible server platform based on the best technologies in the market and which can always be scaled according to your needs

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IT Hosting

Do you need a data center that is always accessible, secure, and scalable? Stay hosted at Itavis and get a top-tuned data center based on latest enterprise technologies that give you the best performance and a guaranteed 99.98 % uptime.

We provide virtual dedicated and shared IT environments for all types of small and large businesses and public institutions. No matter which Itavis Cloud solution you choose, you will find that you can eliminate large investments in new hardware and instead budget the IT operations year after year.

Itavis has a 24/7 manned Operation Center in charge of the complete operation and maintenance of the data center. This means that service windows can be placed outside of your working hours and that you can use your resources on activities that support your business and give you more time to care for end users.

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We tailor scalable solutions to your needs and ensure you get maximum data center performance. You avoid downtime and system crashes, so your business will never reach a halt.

Skræddersyede og skalerbare løsninger

Dedikerede og shared miljøer

Seneste enterprise-teknologier


We give you the flexibility that suits your needs without compromising security. We are accustomed to finding the right balance between several players in the form of other suppliers, developers and consultants.

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Tilpassede change processer

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Our data center is subject to stringent requirements and is always fully updated to ensure you against threats, attacks and crashes. We have all the necessary layers of processes and checkpoints that protect your data.

Tier 3 datacenter i Danmark

GDPR & ITIL Compliant

Eksternt backup & disaster recovery site

Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed to cover your particular needs.

It is possible to add different SLAs on different servers depending on how critical they may be. With a gold SLA, you can sit back and relax. You are guaranteed 99.98 uptime and Itavis takes full responsibility for the debugging for the full 24 hours of the day.

Service Center
Staffed 24/7

Servicecenter Bemandet 24/7

Guaranteed uptime


Rectification of defects commence within 6 hours during normal working hours.

Guaranteed uptime

Service Center staffed 24/7


Rectification of faults is initiated within 4 hours, 24 hours a day

Guaranteed uptime

Service Center staffed 24/7


Rectification of faults is initiated within 1 hour, 24 hours a day

Getting Started

We’re ready to help you today. Let us help you get started with your IT project with the following steps:

Sådan får du IT-service hos Itavis
Sådan får du IT-service hos Itavis
Sådan får du IT-service hos Itavis

Should it be you?

If you want a detailed presentation and a better idea of how our hosting can meet your exact wishes, you can contact us in all hours of the day. We are also happy to visit your business and present the documented benefits of the service.

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