Lower IT Costs

Lower your IT expenditures by outsourcing parts of your IT infrastructure and operations to us, and take advantage of the economies of scale associated with an established Managed Service Provider.

Safe and Stable Delivery

Secure your environment, improve performance and forget about downtime. We will support you in creating the optimal IT setup for your organization.

Flexible and Available 24/7

We have one single focus: You as a customer and servicing you. As a dedicated Managed Service Provider we are available 24/7/365.

IT as a Business Strategy

In today's world, IT is the foundation of every business. However, the scope of businesses vary and so should the IT setup. We make sure your IT environment is optimized in supporting your business.

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Itavis Control Cloud™ is the complete set of tools to control your IT infrastructure. Be proactive on issues and secure stability for your organisation

Itavis Control Cloud™ ensures that your IT security is always on top. With effective monitoring, valuable insigths and full support 24/7, you and your organisation is ready for all challenges ahead. We do it simple, flexible and cost oriented.

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