Reduce IT costs

Reduce your IT costs by consolidating the infrastructure and operations at Itavis. Be able to plan long-term, comply with budgets and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Secure and stable IT solution

Strengthen security, increase performance and avoid crashes. We take responsibility for your IT infrastructure, protect you from attacks and ensure stable operation.

Flexible and accessible 24/7

Get access to our 24/7 Operation Center, which is available at all hours. Whether it is scheduled service windows or emergency needs, we are ready with staffing.

IT solution as a business strategy

The IT infrastructure is the foundation of the business, and we help you choose the best strategy. We provide a solution that supports your capacity needs and workflows and creates a fertile ground for further growth.

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Itavis Control Cloud

Itavis Control Cloud™ is the main tool of the IT administrator. It gives you the opportunity to get a unified overview and manage the entire IT infrastructure in one place.

With effective monitoring, intelligent alerting and automation of processes, Itavis Control Cloud™ ensures that you are always at the forefront of IT operations. In addition, everything can be exported to general or detailed reports for the purposes of documentation for management and auditing.

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