Strategy. Everything starts with understanding our customers.

At Itavis, we believe in honest advice. We believe that a good working relationship is always based on mutual trust and respect. We emphasise dialogue and understanding of our customers’ working day, desires, needs and ambitions. Itavis provides intelligent and complex solutions that support our customers’ company and their business, whether it is a question of Cloud services, hardware solutions or if we should contribute with ad hoc tasks in the installation of networks, software, building infrastructures, project management or support of our customers’ IT systems.

In order to achieve the proper understanding of our customers’ companies and their IT sore points, all collaboration with Itavis is based on close dialogue with the relevant personnel groups, including the CEO, COO and CTO. Our vision of collaboration is that we must work as accurately and as targeted as possible. This provides both a better result and it gives our customers the opportunity to concentrate efforts on running their core business rather than spending time and resources on IT operation.

In parallel with the pure, technical solutions, we would also like to contribute with the development of our customer’ IT strategy. Our professional insight will often be valuable help in getting IT solutions to support our customers’ overall business strategy. Our comprehensive hands-on experience with IT operations and support makes it possible for us to be able to make the right choices and the right priorities – together with our customers.