Itavis24. Make your employees’ working day easier and simpler.

Itavis24 simplifies your business operations and makes the working day easier and simpler for your employees – without compromising on security. The direct access to all your company’s office applications reduces your costs (TCO) dramatically, while collaboration with your partners, customers and suppliers is made more flexible.

A Itavis24Soultion supports BYOD way of thinking (Bring Your Own Device) so that all your employees can always access your company’s business systems regardless of which device they use.

Itavis24 gives you full flexibility. The solution can be offered as a Managed Private Cloud, which is operated from your company’s own data centre or as a cloud-based solution that is hosted with us. With a Pay As You Grow model we can offer you a clear overview of the solution’s costs, so simplifying the budgeting process, and your investment will never exceed your actual IT needs.

Overview of related IT costs per employee per month
Flexibility in the number of users via the solution’s scalability
Centralisation of desktop security and data protection
Less space required for servers and data centre
Low start-up costs
Greater quality and adaptability in the daily work
Extended work options and independence of geography
Higher efficiency and flexibility
Less downtime and journey times
High security when working from home