Itavis Control Cloud Standard. Insight into your solution.

The crucial freedom of action. If the IT Departments is forced on the defensive, it affects freedom of action and innovation. It can cause concerns about vulnerable servers, laptops or desktop PC’s. There can be increased pressure on the Department, because the number and type of devices on the network increases dramatically. Or it can be errors that occur due to bottlenecks or a lack of resources in the Department.

In any case, it’s about regaining control and getting back into the offensive, so you can act both flexibly and proactively in order to utilise IT investments optimally. Control Cloud Standard is a complete package from Itavis that provides flexibility and insight all in one.

Tailor-made services. With Control Cloud Standard you get flexible support and insight provided as a service at a competitive price. The package can be adapted to your business services with individual service elements that give overview, insight and freedom of action.

Monitoring and reporting provide you with invaluable information on performance, status, bottlenecks and focus areas. With Control Cloud Standard you have a watchful eye on all the important parts of your infrastructure and can use the time to act proactively and in this way contribute actively to support business development.

The package is a collection of service elements that adds value by increasing efficiency and extending the service areas provided by your IT Department. Through Control Cloud Standard, Itavis will be an important supplement to the IT Department and strengthen the Department’s competences and insights on key points.

Your IT team must be as flexible as your technology and support needs, and therefore Control Cloud Standard is an obvious choice if you want to strengthen your critical company services and live up to the internal expectations within the organisation.

Control Cloud Standard. The package includes:

Control Cloud Monitoring

Hard drive
Monthly report
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