Itavis Control Cloud Professional. The complete IT infrastructure solution.

Time is money. The IT infrastructure is probably a very central and important asset for your company. It requires the full attention of you and your colleagues to run predictably, optimally and securely. Yet it can be a predicament to keep an overview and cope with it all, because IT tasks come from all sides, and because you also have to contribute to business development.

As an IT manager, do you also experience that budgets are tightened, and user requirements for mobility and freedom increase? Then you are not alone, because in many companies it can be a challenge to tackle today’s IT problems while retaining a strategic vision that moves the vision forward. Control Cloud Professional offers a solution.

Total peace of mind in the infrastructure. Imagine the daily benefits by combining advanced 24/7 monitoring with scheduled preventive maintenance, a monthly in-depth network health check and effective management of, among others, security and patching. Then you have a picture of the total service solution we call Control Cloud Professional.

The package is total IT support and management at a fixed and very competitive price. You get Itavis as a targeted and professional partner, who you can use in your work to reduce errors and maximise uptime. The result is increased productivity and optimal use of IT resources.

Control Cloud Professional is a collection of components that cover all your needs and makes Itavis a close collaboration partner for your IT Department. The keyword is proactivity, which ensures maximum reliability and service. A total solution for cost-conscience companies.

Outsourcing of critical IT resources will always be a question of confidence and trust, and at Itavis we are proud of the fact that many companies have already shown us the confidence and trust to let us contribute to the security of their network, and we would be pleased to handle this job for you.

Control Cloud Professional. The package includes:

Control Cloud Monitoring

Hard drive
Control Cloud Patching

Windows and third-party
Total management
Simple and secure
Control Cloud Asset Management

Total overview
All information
Serial number
Version number
Amount and age
Life cycle
Decision-making basis

Control Cloud Remote Control

Online sessions
Remote tools
Faster support
One click connection

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