Itavis Control Cloud Packages. At competitive prices.

Monitoring – A total overview all in one place. Itavis Control Cloud is a service that can be used as a “single pane of glass view” to your IT Department.

We can offer a whole range of services for everything from the server infrastructure to a user’s laptop. We can support your work during the

working day, by giving you a complete overview.

Find more information below about the various Itavis Control Cloud Packages, and find out which package is best suited to your company’s needs.

Itavis Control Cloud Standard

With the Standard Cloud Control package you get flexible support and insights delivered as a service at a competitive price.

The package can be customized to your critical business services with individual service elements that give perspective, insight and freedom.

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Itavis Control Cloud Advanced

Control Cloud Advanced is a comprehensive package that ensures a better maintained network, fewer errors, reduced support requirements and increased productivity.

This is proactive maintenance for a more stable operation and leaves the surplus to focus on core business and development.

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Itavis Control Cloud Professional

The package is comprehensive IT support and administration to a fixed and very competitive price.

You get Itavis as a focused and professional partner you can use in your efforts to reduce errors and maximize uptime. The result is increased productivity and optimal use of the IT resources.

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Itavis Control Cloud Workstation Advanced

Control Cloud Workstation Advanced is a package of customized services for anyone that wants to keep a watchful eye on all workstations and printers in the IT infrastructure. With an agent in each unit you get regular status reports on how each device is working.

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Itavis Control Cloud Workstation Professional

Control Cloud Workstation Professional is the package not only for accurate and updated data on all workstations and printers on the network. It also features effective tools for patching and overviewing your total IT assets.

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