Itavis Control Cloud Advanced. A head start through prevention.

Growing IT challenges. Uptime is a crucial prerequisite for employee productivity in the vast majority of companies. Especially for critical business services, where everything grinds to a halt if the operation does not work optimally. Yet in many places the IT infrastructure and operations are regarded as a resource-hungry evil instead of a tool for business development.

At the same time, most of the infrastructure becomes increasingly complex in line with tasks and data volumes increasing, and users demanding a high degree of mobility and freedom of choice in terms of devices and working methods. We have developed Control Cloud Advanced in order to respond to the challenges and give IT managers the opportunity to act proactively.

Always one step ahead. Control Cloud Advanced gives you the opportunity to always be one step ahead. It is a total package that ensures a better maintained network and therefore, fewer errors, less need for support and increased productivity. The targeted maintenance provides a more stable operation and therefore the overview to focus on core business and development.

You get a monthly network health check, as well as advanced monitoring of performance 24/7. With Control Cloud Patching you can also centralise, streamline and automate patching on your IT infrastructure and manage the process in one place. You get all the cards in your hand to prevent rather than to solve problems.

In other words, you must use the package components for rapid and targeted response and optimisation of resources. Through Control Cloud Advanced, Itavis supplements your IT Department and strengthens the Department’s competences and insights on key points in a genuine IT partnership.

Your critical business services are probably just as important for you as the day-to-day operation, and therefore we support your activities on exactly the points that make a difference and ensure uptime. This makes Control Cloud Advanced an attractive option.

Control Cloud Advanced. The package includes:

Control Cloud Monitoring

Hard drive
Control Cloud Patching

Windows and third-party
Total management
Simple and secure
Control Cloud Asset Management

Total overview
All information
Serial number
Version number
Amount and age
Life cycle
Decision-making basis

Contact us and find out more. No two companies are alike, and therefore we would like to hear about your needs and wishes. Control Cloud is a whole range of services and packages, and we can always put together a solution that gives your IT environment a boost. Call +45 70 26 28 27 or arrange a meeting by sending an e-mail to