Welcome to Itavis. Next generation IT services.

Here at Itavis, you will find that our IT solutions and implementation have one primary focus: Your specific needs and best interest as a customer.

While our employees’ mind-set is geared towards best practices and optimal IT service solutions, at the same time they actively adjust their approach to match the specifics and challenges of the way you run your business. We may make this sound simple, but rest assured that the complexity of the underlying principles is kept high so that our service is as close to a tailor-made fit for you as possible.

Our strength as an IT Managed Service Provider lies in a vast array of up-to-date technical knowledge, as well as a wide range of proven applied professional skills. This is to implement a proper multi-faceted integration of different technologies seamlessly. As a customer, a professional team is made available to you; that combines many years of experience with a high-quality, high-responsiveness service, and we are always open for a dialogue based on mutual respect and trust.
Itavis Control Cloud – A total overview all in one place

Itavis offers 3 different Itavis Control Cloud packages; Standard, Advanced and Professional – at competitive prices.

With Control Cloud Standard you get flexible support and insight into your infrastructure. Control Cloud Advanced gives you the opportunity to always be one step ahead; while the Professional package is total IT support and management with Itavis as a business partner.

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Itavis24 – An easier working day with your office in the cloud

Provide ease, flexibility and comfort to your employees: No matter where they are, access to both their workplace and company resources can be made available just one (double) click away – and with full security!

All services are delivered via an encrypted connection directly to our Cloud, including everything from a personalized desktop, office, business and financial applications, to archived data and other additional resources and files.

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Data centre optimisation, consolidation and development

Whether you want to migrate your company’s data centre or just need help choosing a new technology provider, we are here to help you make the optimal choices.

Our team of data centre experts will provide advice and guidance as you go through all the complex aspects and intricacies of migrating or upgrading your data centre.

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