An IT industry. With rising carbon footprint.

IT operations globally accounts for three percent of the world’s electricity usage and accounts for around two percent of the world’s carbon emissions. According to experts this number is projected to increase three fold within the next decade. It is evident that the global IT industry is taking its toll on the world’s resources, which is why sustainable IT operations ought to be a prioritized subject at responsible minded IT businesses worldwide.

What do we do? At Itavis, we would like to contribute to making the IT industry greener. We are proud that Itavis’ datacenters run 100 % on renewable energy sources produced by wind and weather. Globally, CO² emissions will most likely continue to rise, but with green energy solutions it is possible to lower and maybe even put a stop to that trend. We should continue to evolve within the field, create growth and constantly set new goals for a greener alternative; in part by cooperating with other green businesses and use suppliers that share our ambition.