Itavis Control Cloud Workstation Professional. The precise management tool.

Hardware in safe hands. Hard drives, CPU performance, RAM requirements, updates and the many other challenges that the network’s workstations and printers create can be something of a headache for IT administrators. Especially because high performance is a prerequisite for productivity, and because the IT budgets should be utilised optimally.

Central management of all workstations and printers can save valuable time for both users and administrators. It can also provide an overview and make it possible, at any given time, to provide management with clear answers on how the devices in the IT infrastructure are performing.

A comprehensive package. Control Cloud Workstation Professional is the package for you who do not only want accurate and up-to-date data on all workstations and printers in the network. You would also like powerful tools for patching and for an overview of all your IT assets. You are guaranteed both with respectively Control Cloud Patching and Control Cloud Asset Management.

In this way, Control Cloud Workstation Professional is not only an administration tool, but also a management and reporting tool. It’s all based on a range of services that will be updated, managed, supplied and monitored by Itavis. Simple, scalable and with the clear advantage that you only pay for what you use.

Control Cloud Workstation Professional. The package includes:

Control Cloud Monitoring

Hard drive
Control Cloud Patching

Windows and third-party
Total management
Simple and secure
Control Cloud Asset Management

Total overview
All information
Serial number
Version number
Amount and age
Life cycle
Decision-making basis

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